Great States 2000-20S 20-Inch Classic Reel Mower

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20", Scotts Classic Reel Mower, 1" To 3" Range With Easy To Use Fingertrip Control Height Adjusters, Easy Roll Dual Wheel Tracking Action, 5 Blade Ball Bearing Reel, Alloy Steel Blades & Bed Knife, Welded Hood Shield Design, 10" Durbale Composite W heels With Radial Tread Tires, 6" Durable Rear Tracking Wheels, Powder Coated Loop Style Handle With Foam Grip, 2 Year Warranty.

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Will Change Your Idea of Mowing, August 28, 2001
Matthew Schenker (Western Massachusetts)
This summer, sick of my dirty, smelly, loud gas-powered mower, I decided to purchase a reel mower. As someone who considers himself to be environmentally friendly, I no longer felt comfortable using a polluting machine on my lawn. At the same time, I didn't want to turn lawn mowing into a huge, difficult task. After researching every model on the market, I decided I would give the Scotts 2000-20 reel mower a try. My idea of lawn mowing has completely changed. What used to be a tedious, annoying task is now pleasant and relaxing, due to the ease of use and functionality of this mower. Out of the box, it is very clear how to put this mower together, and it should take no more than about 30 minutes to get the assembly done. Just remember to put some dishwashing detergent inside the rubber handle cover before you slide it on. Then you're ready to go. The height adjustment, which is located near one of the rear wheels, is very easy to access: you simply push a lever in and slide it to the.

Safer, quieter mower. Definitely worth a consideration., July 20, 2002
Allen Allen (United States)
I just eagerly put my reel mower together, having spent much time researching whether I should get one or not. The reviews on here were especially helpful. In short, I'm glad I bought it.
1. Safer: no flying rocks or other projectiles, your kids won't sneak up on you and get extremities caught in the blade the way they do with gas mowers. As an ED physician, this is an especially important observation that I don't think had been pointed out before.
2. Quieter: my neighbors are thankful, as are my ears
3. No smoke, no gas fumes
4. Easier handling than gas mower, lighter, can get in crevices more easily and safely
5. Better for environment, save on gas, oil.
6. Easier to start-up; I'm more likely to cut the grass with this mower
7. Doesn't take any longer to mow then lawn vs. a gas mower (and if you gas mower is finicky, will probalby be faster).
1. Requires a bit more elbow grease with thick grass, especially on.

Disappointed :(, July 31, 2004
GeekDaddy (New England USA)
I probably should have known better after reading several of the reviews here... There's nothing wrong with this mower, it's just that I'm the wrong guy to own it.

Reel mowers work best when they only remove a small portion of the grass blade at a time. If you go on vacation, get hit with a lot of rain, or have some other reason why you can't mow and your lawn gets too long, this mower will do a poor job of cutting it. It also has difficulty with some (particularly tall) weeds.

In general, a power rotary mower with sharp blades will more easily give you that near-perfect "carpet" look to your lawn. A power rotary mower also cuts closer to the edges of the mowing area (this mower can only get 2-3 inches from the outside edge of the wheels).

That said, using this mower is good exercise and it gets the job done in many cases. Here are the attributes which represent a good candidate for this mower:

1. Owns a small (less than 1/4.

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